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We are BlackØwl, a Spanish rock and roll band formed in Barcelona in 2018 by Jesus Montero(Rhythm Guitar), Fran Navarro(Lead Guitar), Dani Martos(Vocals), Dani Calderón(Drums) and Victor Ortiz(Bass).


After years working in previous projects, playing gigs all around Spain we decided to join forces for writing our own songs.


From classic rock to blues including southern rock reminiscenses, raw and direct sound, hard riffs and forceful vocals strongly influenced by hard rock bands like AC/DC and Airbourne, few months ago we released our debut EP ‘Long Road Ghosts’ (2020) and now our first LP ‘Fly Away’ (2021) is ready being available in all digital platforms. One of the most important rock magazines in Spain, La Heavy,  reviewed ‘Fly Away’ recently with maximum score and we also appears in the first number of Power Magazine.


Our first LP is having a great reception all over the world, appearing on different independent radios and podcasts all over the world. We have recently released our second official video Napoli Street and it is doing very well.